Stress less about medication names with OTC Finder. 

The content provided by OTC Finder is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. We don’t intend to provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinions, treatment, services or to be a substitute for a doctor’s appointment or medical care. Please consult your medical professional for diagnosis and treatment. For more information please visit the “Terms of Use” page.

Q: What is OTC?

A: OTC means over-the-counter medications or non-prescription medications.  TOP

Q: Can I match medications that are prescribed by my doctor?

A: No, OTC Finder™ is only used for over-the-counter (OTC) medications.  TOP

Q: Is the search bar only for finding Indian medications?

A: Yes, at this time the search bar will search only Indian medications, whether you search for names, ingredients or symptoms. From the listing, you will be able to identify the matching US medication.  TOP

Q: What do the pre-listed conditions show?

A: If any of the pre-listed conditions are selected, the results shown are the American medications.  TOP

Q: Can I search more than one symptom in the search bar?

A: Yes, the user can search for more than one symptom in the search bar.  TOP

Q: Is the product free for use?

A: Yes, at this point, the entire product is free, including the “My Journal” feature.  TOP 

Q: How many medications can I compare?

A: The user can compare 2 or 3 medications from any of the screens where medications are listed.  TOP

Q: Is there an option to buy the medication?

A: Yes. On the “Details page” look for the “Where to buy” link.  TOP

Q: What if I can’t find the medication I am looking to match?

 A: It is possible that the medication you’re looking to match will not be found. If this happens, we strongly recommend searching either the active ingredients or the symptoms. If still not found, please, try using a pre-listed condition, and please send a note to support@persimmonai.com.  TOP

Q:  How is the quality of a match determined?

A: The quality of a match is a four-point scale that describes the degree of similarity. The four levels are ‘Exact’, ‘High’, ‘Moderate’, and ‘Minimal’. This does not refer to the quality of the medication but only how similar the matching medication is to the index medication.  TOP

Q: Is the matching done using the advice of a health professional?

A: Our physicians have done the match by hand for the beta version of the product. We are in the process of building a data-driven AI matching algorithm that will be physician-trained and supervised.  TOP

Q: Is my data in “My journal” safe?

A: Yes, the entries made in the “My Journal” are totally confidential and only accessible to the user who made the entries. We enforce high standards of security and privacy unless otherwise instructed by the user.  TOP 

Q: What’s the best way to get in touch or make suggestions?

A: Send us an email at support@persimmonai.com and, we’ll get back as soon as possible.  TOP

Q: Is the product bi-directional?

A: No, not at this time, We’re only matching Indian medication with the American medications until further notice.  TOP