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Comprehensive Catalog

OTC Finder includes information on a majority of U.S. OTC medications for a range of conditions

Fast & Flexible

Get ready for a streamlined experience that ensures you can find the medicine you need, when you need it

Peace of Mind

Whether you’re a US citizen or a foreign national, we can remove the worry of mixing up pharmaceutical names again


Rohit sai ganesh Kodavali

Hi Soumil, I have checked out the site and its really good. Its helpful for Indian students who are pursuing studies abroad and wish to buy equivalent medicines to the Indian brand. Keep the good work going !! wishing you best and Happy New Year!!

Meet Bhatt

Hey Soumil, To be honest, I was searching something like this. You did a wonderful job. Thank you.

Venkata Bhavesh Somisetty

Hello, I have gone through your otc finder and created an account. Looked into some medicines, I know from India and got a good comparisons with those in USA.

Jaimeet Singh Suri

Hey Soumil, I just checked the product out and honestly i really liked it, it is a great product.

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Aiswarya Selvaraju

It seems a very helpful one, especially I have struggled to find the equivalents of common medicines I consume in India here in US and Am glad that someone has come up with a solution for it. Kudos! Keep going!

Vraj Gandhi

I just logged in and saw the video and browsed through your wonderful OTC finder. It seemed really easy to use it to find and compare right medications based on country as well as symptoms. Great job bud! I am sure that it’s gonna be an successful business idea and help millions out there!

Anurag Vadarevu

Hello sir, It is my pleasure talking to you I have just signed up. And your product OTC finder is very impressive. And the idea is unique I never found web site with this idea . All the best! Regards Anurag

Khyati Rasania

Hey, I just checked it out right now. It is super useful, I am glad i found this out! Very often, there are times when we're in need of something like this, so next time i actually use it, i will surely message you.

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