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How to Keep From Getting Sick While Traveling

Nobody likes to get sick, much less when you are getting ready for a trip, or you’re already on one. There are many people who swear they get sick every time they travel. If you are one of those travelers, consider some of the following tips to improve your chances of staying healthy.

Practice Good Hygiene

Making sure you practice good hygiene when traveling is one of the best and most basic steps of staying healthy while exploring new places. Frequent handwashing will help to keep your hands less germ-covered. Carry hand sanitizer with you for those places where access to a sink is harder to find. While remembering to clean your hands before eating is important, when traveling you should get into the habit of more frequent handwashing overall, not just at mealtimes.

Stay Rested

While it can be tempting to spend all day and night exploring when you are traveling, you should avoid overexertion. Making sure you are getting enough rest is one of the best ways to avoid getting ill when traveling. Get quality rest by ensuring you sleep in a dark and quiet room. The amount of sleep you get affects your immune system, so this is an important step to maintaining its balance.

Drink Bottled Water

Drinking bottled water is one of the most effective ways to avoid getting sick when you are traveling. Contaminated water should be your first concern with any exotic location. This will not only help you avoid an illness that will pass quickly, but you’ll also avoid longer-lasting diseases. Hepatitis A, cholera, and typhoid are all water-borne. They are also serious illnesses.  You should also avoid eating fresh vegetables such as a salad and go for steamed, boiled, or grilled options.

Boost Immunity

Vitamins can be an asset when traveling to help ensure you feel your best. Before you head out, it’s important that you take plenty of vitamin C, stay hydrated, and take care of yourself in general. This will help boost your immune system.

Get Vaccinated

It is a good idea to check into what vaccines you should have, depending on where you are traveling. Getting these will help to ensure you do not come down with a local illness that could put you down for your trip, or worse. Ask your doctor what vaccines they would recommend based on where you are traveling, and when you should get them. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will open up many destinations for most travelers.

If You Get SickIf you find yourself sick while abroad and need some OTC medication, there are a few services to consider. Make sure to check out one that can help you find similar medications to what you would take at home no matter how far you have traveled. This will help make sure you don’t end up feeling worse on your trip. When abroad, OTC Finder can help you find analogues to the over-the-counter meds you would take if you were at home.