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We’re in the business of developing intelligent solutions to alleviate pressing problems in the heathcare and insuretech industries.

Data Decision

Data-Driven Solutions

We make data-driven decisions based on what the data show – no random guesses and no shots in the dark. Our years of experience in data science allow us to make decisions with maximum overall benefits. 

AI mind

Artificial Intelligence

It’s time to embrace what AI has become. Artificial intelligence has finally hit a point where it can be harnessed to create powerful platforms. We use AI on our team to make life easier for you.

Peace of Mind

Improving Lives

 Our team identifies problems that need to be solved. And then – we solve them. Persimmon AI works to create solutions that provide measurable impacts on the people within healthcare and insuretech spheres. 

We Have Something New

OTC Finder - Medicine Made Easy

A gap has been left open far too long in the pharmaceutical industry… 

Millions of people travel internationally each year while taking over the counter medications. How can they safely find out which foreign OTC meds are equivalent to those used in their home country?


There’s never been an easy and accurate solution for this, until now.

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